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The design, a nine-patch with “hips,” is rooted in a pattern which appeared in the Quilters Newsletter back in the 1970s. Small Town Square emanates around a central square – the epicenter of social activity in communities worldwide – when people were able to socialize in public.

One lesson we’ve learned during this COVID pandemic is that we need each other. We need that human connection - even if it virtual, even if it  is by phone or text or email. Small Town Square reflects our sense of community, our realization that we are indeed “all in this together” and that his year-long crisis that has consumed us will pass.

“Today is going to be history tomorrow,” said Heritage Quilters’ co-leader Arlen Bird.

Tickets remain $1 each or six for $5. The drawing is slated for Jan. 26, 2022. More details to follow.


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