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Board Opportunities

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The Board of Directors of the McHenry County Historical Society & Museum is responsible for ensuring that the mission of the organization is fulfilled. They provide governance, leadership, and vision; ensure the vitality and growth of the organization; represent the museum to the community; and accept the ultimate legal authority for the organization.

We help people understand their world through an exploration of local history with exhibits, public programs, a magazine, and a public research library.

The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum brings the diverse history of people in McHenry County to life.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: We engage and educate current and future generations by preserving and sharing McHenry County history.

Our Vision: The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum endeavors to be a hub for collection, preservation and educational outreach reflecting McHenry County's history.

Board Opportunities

The McHenry County Historical Society & Museum is seeking historically minded individuals interested in shaping the future direction of the society by serving as board members.

Everyone brings their own valuable skill set to the table and, we do need lots of different skills to keep things humming!

Currently, MCHS is especially looking for new board members with a background in the building trades, development (fundraising & finance) and member relationships.

Prospective candidates must live or work in McHenry County.

If you would like to learn more or know of a person you believe would embrace this important role, contact the society using email: New three-year terms begin July 1. The museum is located at 6422 Main Street in Union, Illinois.

Board Member Application

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