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The 1927 atlas is the first dated county land ownership atlas after the 1872, 1892, and 1908 county atlases. It is the only dated land ownership atlas MCHS has, between 1908 and 1939. Like its predecessors, the atlas contains full-page maps of each township and measures 16 x 12 inches. The legend states that the township maps show schools, churches, cemeteries, and paved roads. It does show other roads, railroads, and bodies of water. It is heavily used in property research, which represent a large share of our property research requests.

Content: Survey notes are from throughout the county. Includes a number of Crystal Lake surveys such as Douglas Avenue and Kroeger’s addition, Clow’s front on Crystal Lake, Paddock’s addition, and notes on “John Berg to J.P. Kroeger for $250 per acre,” L.D. Lowell’s level, and meanders in Crystal Lake.