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Established in 1963, our members, staff, and volunteers have a 60+ year record of preservation, education, and entertainment contributions to McHenry County. We create learning experiences and events. We focus on local culture, organizational and family history. We collect and care for notable artifacts. Most importantly, we tell your story – the story of McHenry County and its people.

Preserving a community provides multi-sensory collective memory. Ultimately, our goal is to encourage the appreciation of all aspects of our environment, both natural and man-made. Appreciating history will most definitely enrich your family’s lives and experiences. Individuals who are sensitive to their environment make better citizens. Better citizens vote, participate in community life, and teach their children by example.

Your financial support is required to continue our mission of providing the methods and means of presenting McHenry County History. Our Society and Museum relies upon you for financial support through membership, endowment funds, and remembering the Society in your estate planning. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are fully deductible.

Ways to Give

A financial gift to the McHenry County Historical Society is a personal and community-focused gesture that helps ensure the continued preservation of our local history for generations to come. We suggest you consult legal and financial counsel before making financial decisions. Here are some options for your consideration.

IRA rollover

The IRA charitable rollover was retained in the new tax laws and continues to be a popular giving strategy among our donors.
Direct gifts to MCHS from your IRA can:
    1.    Be an easy and convenient way to make a gift from one of your major assets.
    2.    Be excluded from your gross income: a tax-free rollover.
    3.    Count toward your required minimum distribution.

For your gift to qualify for benefits:
    •    You must be 70½ or older at the time of your gift.
    •    The transfer must go directly from your IRA to the McHenry County Historical Society.
    •    Your total IRA gift(s) cannot exceed $100,000.
    •    Your gift must be outright.

Legacy Gift
Through a bequest, you can make a gift of assets to MCHS. Your will may name the Society as a beneficiary of all or portions of your estate. This is a meaningful legacy in support of our mission. If you do include the McHenry County Historical Society in your will, please let us know so that we may thank you personally.

Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Trusts
Through these vehicles, you retain an income stream, with the remainder to be received by MCHS at a later time. There may be specific income and estate tax benefits for you. Consult legal and financial advice on which approach will work best for you.

Life Insurance
If your policy no longer has the financial significance for your family’s security that it once did, you may consider making MCHS the policy owner. This may provide considerable tax benefits for you today. You also may name MCHS as the beneficiary, which may benefit your estate upon your death.

Employer Match
The impact of your cash donation may also be enhanced through your employer’s matching gift program.

Please contact our Executive Director, Wayne Duerkes, to discuss your planned giving options.


We appreciate your consideration. Please give generously to further our efforts to preserve local and family history for future generations.

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Other ways to support, Items MCHS "wishes for":

  • Landscape care
  • Building maintenance
  • Archival sleeves for photos
  • White cotton gloves
  • Exhibit fabrication materials
  • Archival storage boxes (Donate $100) Help preserve objects in our museum collection, giving them proper support and keeping their environment stable
  • Laptop computer (Donate $750) Help make lectures, presentations and displays more portable
  • Quilt Raffle Ticket printing  (Donate $200) Printed once a year.