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Thanks to the village of Huntley for allowing a bunch of us history types to do a short walk-...

Preservation ordinances

Lakewood Farms placed on list

Special tour of Queen Anne masterpiece

Coventry farmstead protected

Includes Quilted Barn Locations in McHenry County!

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the sunset behind a McHenry County barn.

“Forgotten McHenry County” documents remnants of our past, be it ghost ads on buildings,...

DECEMBER 2013- The unassuming gravestone with the surname “Sayer,” found in McHenry’s St.

Perkins Town Hall is located at 3600 Franklinville Road in Woodstock, IL


The Pringle School was built in 1867 of limestone quarried at Garden Prairie and transported by...

The West Harmony Schoolhouse is now located on the McHenry County Historical Museum property.