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Native American Program
Time: 1 hour
Age: 1st – 3rd grades (Can be played with to make it more age appropriate for older or younger grades)
       Native American Tribes in McHenry County: 
Dakota, Ho-Chunk, Illini, Sac, Fox and the Potawatomi. But, even before these tribes existed there were a lot of Paleo- Indians (Tribes that were around Pre-History/ Pre Written Word) So we don’t know the names of these tribes but know that they existed because we have found artifacts.


Pioneer Program
Time: 45 Minutes
Ages: 1st and 2nd  grades
       Learn why many pioneers had to leave there home. Too expensive, not enough space, the soil wasn’t as rich as it used to be etc.…   Pioneers would usually only have one wagon to bring all of their supplies and belongings. Have the students guess what were the things that they most likely needed and step into a settler's shoes. What’s the first thing the pioneers had to do?


Pioneer Packing Program
Age: 3rd – 5th grades
Time: 1 Hour

Children learn why many pioneers had to leave their homes and why they gravitated toward certain spots to settle.

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