Pokémon Go a hit with visitors

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More than 50 people showed up for the Society's first – and perhaps, not last – Pokémon event at the county history museum in Union. Pokémon Go, the free mobile app uses a phone's GPS data and camera to place Pokemon characters amid the real world has become a worldwide phenomenon. Encouraging players to walk and explore the many historical buildings – including those on the museum campus – was a no-brainer.

The museum campus, located at 6422 Main St. in Union. has five "PokeStops" – the main museum and its sign, its annex building, West Harmony School, and the bell. Once located, players – who use avatars called "trainers" – "capture" the characters with their phones.

Pokémon trainers received free admission to the museum and free Wi-Fi. A charging station also was available inside the museum. Visitors not only went on a scavenger hunt for Pokémon. They were able to battle other  trainers at the three virtual "gyms," within walking distance of the museum. The Society also awarded a  "Historic Country Schools of McHenry County" history book to a participant who posted the hashtag  #MCHSPokemon.
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