2018 Raffle Quilt

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Forever Poppies.

The 2018 Heritage Quilters Raffle Quilt  features a World War I theme. The day's moderator, veteran quilter Arlen Bird, noted the "rolling stone" pattern originated in 1780's New England. It features a nine-patch with cream, several greens, and a showy black and red poppy fabric at the center.

The block has been around for many years – published in the Chicago Tribune Nancy Cabot column.  In March 1933 the paper stated that the rolling stone pattern originated in New England around 1780.  And Barbara Brackman states in her book that the block dates back to the Ladies Art Company catalog in print in 1895, and noted it was probably much older.  There are many variations of this block – with diamonds on the side pieces, more triangles in the center, added squares in the corners, one having as many as 65 pieces per block.  Our block, looking much more simple, has 29 pieces


As for the poppy story – it has long been a symbol of sleep, peace, or even death. Surprisingly, it is mentioned as a threat in the "Wizard of Oz." While beautiful, the field of poppies made Dorothy sleepy, and the scent would eventually cause her death. Fortunately, her companions found a way to carry her to safety and the fresh air revived her. Other sources note the bright scarlet color promises resurrection.

Join the Heritage Quilters Wednesday mornings throughout the year at the museum, 6422 Main St. in Union. Quilters of all levels are welcome. For information, call 815-923-2267.


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