Surveying with Brink, 1879

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Accession No. 1975.104.04

Content: This is a fragment of a book entitled "Minutes of Surveying." The fragment starts with "Field Notes" and "Minutes" of surveying with John Brink, who has been County Surveyor for many years ... ." It's a firsthand account of what it was like to survey with John Brink. It is Oct. 1, 1879. Horatio Coe is off with Mr. Brink to survey Coon Island in Pistakee Lake. Coe learns the importance of finding "old corners" in solving disputes. It also documents the fact that Brink named Lake Geneva.

Conservation Treatment: This is a fragment of a book. A brown leather cover is present with 4 pages. Since so much is missing, recommend mending the pages to stabilize the holes and tears, and deacidify the pages, and enclose in a case.

Adopted by Michael Evans.