Speakers' Bureau



• One-room schools
• Captain Harley Wayne
• The Grand Army of the Republic
• The Ku Klux Klan in McHenry County
• The Art of War: World War II Posters
• The Art of War: Propaganda Posters and the Great War


Historical impressions/Impersonations

• President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Impact on the Depression and World War II
• Teddy Roosevelt
• Capt. Eddie Rickenbacher – American Hero and Superstar
• Gen. John J. Pershing and the Doughboys in World War I
• Lt. George H.W. Bush, U.S. Naval Aviator in World War II
• Gen. William Donovan and the Office of Strategic Services in World War II

• Hidden History of Abraham Lincoln

  * All above presentations in period costume artifacts, non-dangerous weapons, many photos, posters, and uniforms and equipment as used by the American Soldiers involved in the particular war.


We Sang! We Danced! A Musical History of McHenry County

  * Includes use of piano and accordion

PowerPoint Lectures

• Digging Grandma's Privy for family history information
• McHenry County in Prohibition Times
• Using Railroad information to obtain family history material
• McHenry County Railroad History
• Analyzing 19th Century Cabinet Card and "Carte de Visite" photos for family history information
• Researching family history in cemeteries
• A critique of Chicago family history research sites
• Migrating to McHenry County in the 19th century

• The Seneca Ladies Literary Society – Learning and Laughing Together Since 1855. Profiles the oldest women's literary group in America, begun in 1855 in Seneca Township near Woodstock, Ill.


• The Role of the Volunteer Soldier During the American Revolution
• American Civil War Soldiers – Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery (Union perspective)
• The Philippine Constabulary: 1903-1917, America;s Empire Days
• American soldiers during World War I and II
• U.S. Cavalry and the Policing of the American West: 1870-1890


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