1912 Wedding Hat - adopted

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This wide-brimmed peach and lace covered hat with a satin crown dates to 1912. It was worn at the wedding of Lillian Keating to Paul Donovan on June 12, 1912. The crown of the hat has been detached from the brim and needs to be re-sewn and stabilized.

Lillian Keating Donovan was born in Chemung in 1889. She graduated from Harvard High School in 1904 and lived with her husband in Harvard through the 1920s.

However, by 1914 Lillian was beset with serious polio pains. While not immobilized by the disease, Lillian decided to go "take the water cure" at Warm Springs, Ga. in 1927. While there she met polio victim in the pool. His name was Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

They became, what we call today, “pool buddies.” In fact, it was Franklin Roosevelt who gave her the nickname of "Donney" after her last name – Donovan.
Lillian and Paul divorced in 1931.Newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt appointed Lillian to a position of Superintendent of the Federal Revenue office in Chicago in 1933.

Lillian Keating Donovan died in Harvard, on Feb. 26, 1975. She is buried in Harvard's St. Joseph's Cemetery. 


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