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Barn Registration Program

Thank you for your interest in the McHenry County Historical Society's Barn Registration Program.  Unfortunate as it is, this program may become the only record of barns that once predominated in McHenry County.

This registration program, which started in 1999, will continue over many years to collect information on all types of barns - be they dairy barns, carriage barns or abandoned barns. 

Barn Program Criteria

1. Any and all barns within the geographical limits of McHenry County qualify for listing.

2. No fee is charged for filling out the form with no certificate issued or for filling out the form on abandoned barns or barns that no longer exist.

3. If a frameable Certificate of Barn Registration is desired, there is a $5.00 processing fee for each one.

4. Only one barn listed on each form.

5. There is no limit to the number of barns submitted by an individual.

Contact the McHenry County Historical Society for further clarifications, additional information, and/or a willingness to help.

Historic Site Plaquing

Plaquing an historic site or structure is an excellent means of calling attention to the heritage of McHenry County.

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