Quilt raffle winner

Lady Luck

Maggie Crane of Woodstock was this year's lucky winner of "Threads of Friendship" – arguably the most labor-intensive quilt the Heritage Quilters ever assembled. “Threads of Friendship,” features a nine-patch, Friendship Star pattern set in a ribbon variation. It features 64 blocks in cream and turkey red. It is very old pattern, dating back to the 1700s.

This year’s hand-stitched raffle quilt is dedicated to Alan Bird of Union.

“Our friendship quilt is dedicated to Alan Bird, who has volunteered countless hours to the MCHS museum, doing whatever it needs,” group spokeswoman Jan Knight said. “He has become an avid supporter of the Heritage Quilters, since one of his wife [Arlen’s] favorite activities is quilting with us.

“So, while he has never taken needle and thread to a quilt, he is indispensable to the workings of our Heritage Quilters.”

Bird is the third man to be recognized in such fashion by the Heritage Quilters. The others are Don Perkins in 2006 and Bill Dysart in 2011. As is the group’s custom, a short dedication is written on a square sewn onto a back corner.

Knight explained that white conveys innocence, red stands for strength and victory, romance and festive Christmas. The "Turkey red" was popular from about 1830 to 1930, due in part because it did not fade.

Other quilt dedicatees, excluding 1991, are: Leta Clark (1990), land and wildlife in our Prairie State (1992), one-room schoolhouses (1993); Alic Clark (1994), citizens of McHenry County (1995), Muriel Johnstone (1996), Ruth Wirtel (1997), Clara Vogel (1998), Hanna Ames (1999), Dori Buck (2000), children of 21st Century (2001), Grace Moline (2002), Nancy Fike (2003), Arlen Bird (2004), Norma Anderson (2005), Beverly Fletcher (2007), Carol Sek (2008), Jean McCaffrey (2009), Jan Knight (2010), Sue Stanek (2012), Charter members of MCHS – 50th anniversary (2013),  Sandy Schweitzer (2014), Carol Stone (2015) and Holly Scott (2016).

Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket for this year's raffle!! All proceeds benefit the nonprofit McHenry County Historical Society.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 1:30pm

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