Pringle School

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Pringle School
21596 River Rd, Marengo IL

Pringle School was built in 1867 of limestone quarried at Garden Prairie and transported by wagon to the site. The land was donated by the Patterson Pringles, and is located at 21596 River Road in Marengo IL. Much of the early history of Pringle School comes from a handwritten account by an anonymous writer, who was born in 1867 and was a student in Pringle School. The account describes the interior of the building as being a very spare environment. Long benches having varying heights to accommodate different sizes were ranged across the room. There were no backs on the benches which encouraged good posture and straight, strong spines. The highest bench for older children was at the back of the room – a boon for them as they could lean against the wall. There was no provision for writing surface, no paper to be used, until much later when brown wrapping paper served a second purpose, after being smoothed and cut for the children to use.