Notebook D (1894-1903)

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Field notebook of John Brink, McHenry County Surveyor
Accession No. 1988.036.03b

Content: Survey notes are from throughout the county. Includes a number of Crystal Lake surveys such as Douglas Avenue and Kroeger’s addition, Clow’s front on Crystal Lake, Paddock’s addition, and notes on “John Berg to J.P. Kroeger for $250 per acre,” L.D. Lowell’s level, and meanders in Crystal Lake.

Conservation Treatment: Brown leather cover is tattered, binding is loose, and pages are yellowed and fragile. Treatment includes fully disbind, mend/guard for stabilization only, surface clean, resew with a pamphlet stitch, stabilize tears in the case, return to case (if possible), and deacidification.

ADOPTED by Luco Surveying