Lake in the Hills' Ford School Project

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About 66 yrs ago, the Ford School, c.1886, was about to be torn down to make room for new community development... now known as Lake in the Hills. It was bought for $250 and moved 3 blocks up Algonquin Road to farm property on the south side of the road. It was converted to a home for migrant workers.

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Then in 1960, the land was bought by a businessman; his daughter and her family lived in the house. Around 2003, the land was transformed into a landscaping and nursery business and the schoolhouse became an office. Three yrs ago, the business shut down. The 7 structures on the property became a liability as there were constant break-ins. That's where the Historical Society comes in.

The property owner was aware that she had an old schoolhouse on her land and wished for it to be saved. All buildings have been demolished except for the schoolhouse. We had until Spring 2012 to relocate the school. Fortunately, with the Village and Park Boards blessings, Ford School was returned it to its original home.

View a story here. Visit the Lake in the Hills Historical Society's website for more information. This article provides earlier information.

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