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McHenry County Historical Society has launched a historical, how-to approach video series. Its free five-part “Food History at Home” teaches viewers about the history of particular foods.

Not only will our educational team provide you with a step-by-step demonstration of cooking methods, you’ll learn about local food history using food-related artifacts from MCHS’ collection.
The first episode, Butter, is available on the historical society’s Facebook page and by clicking the link below. It is hosted by our Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator Karolina Kowalczyk.

Other episodes will be posted every other Tuesday. In order, they are about cookies, bread, canning and fermentation, and celebration of Jan Bosman’s family cookbook.

In the book’s introduction, the Woodstock resident writes:

“I was raised on a farm in southern Wisconsin, watching my mother make simple, but substantial, meals for workmen, as well as our family of four. I grew up eating fresh vegetables from our garden and watching my mother can and pickle. I grew up drinking fresh milk and having rich cream for my cereal. I grew up eating fresh meat butchered on the farm and stored in the family freezer.”




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