COVID-19 questionnaire

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All In IllinoisMany years from now, historians will rely on newspaper accounts, government press briefings, institutional announcements and an array of statistics in an effort to piece together how society responded during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. But all of that ignores the most critical part of the equation: YOU!

Stories of everyday life are particularly hard to collect. So the McHenry County Historical Society & Museum is asking residents to share their experiences and help us record this slice of history for future generations.

Personal experiences from the 2020 pandemic

By filling out this survey, I grant permission to the McHenry County Historical Society & Museum to use the material submitted in this form online and in the public museum setting for the following purposes

  • Exhibitions

  • Publications

  • Public Research

  • Educational or informational presentations
  • Marketing and promotional use


List the name of the person sharing the experiences
i.e. Cary – residence; Union – work

We welcome photos that depict the effects this event has had on you and/or the community – especially the creative ways in which your family is adapting at home.